What do you believe

Do you believe "old people know something"? Have you lost confidence in your elders? What do you believe? I believe!

What do you believe? Prove them wrong. I would like to prove you wrong. In a nice peaceful, intelligent way, with respect to all.

Beliefs! Is the truth in fact the light, will it set you free? Do you believe that Africans cannot do anything? Is that why Africans turn to “Whites” for guidance and leadership, education, jobs, credit...? Then what does that say about our churches? What does that say about our Preachers and Teachers? What does that say about our Leaders? What does that say about our ancestors, to whom we honor for our being here today? What does that say for our Scholars, Our Students, Our Children, Our Parents, Our future?

Does that make you any different than they or is that you have not been properly “educated”? Which system do you trust? What do you believe? Is there room for you to form your own beliefs? What about to practice and follow them 24/7? Is that a sin? Why do you have to be told everything to do? How can you trust it and why do you tell others to do the same? Where is the top? Are you standing on the top or on top of the bottom? It does make a difference? Like driving while sleep. I do not want you to waste my time, so I will not waste yours and here is my proof.

What does that make you? What does that make me?

You can ask yourself some questions and the answer(s) will be revealed to you and only to you. Do you have the time to listen and the courage to do something about them? Do your beliefs tell you we need FREEDOM? Freedom from what? Why are you going to college? When I was in Africa I said man if all these college educated folk would ever get together? Could they? You know them black folk will never get it together, but them college, students of higher education, Man they are going to make a difference,,,I have hope in the land of plenty! I've done my part, do you know how many soldiers I helped trained in the United States Army? Soldiers of all backgrounds and nations? No, I wasn't the only one, but I was one. Now, if I can train a soldier in combat, why want somebody train me in civilization? You know all that stuff I was training soldiers,,,,this is now your New JOb. Duty, Honor, Country!

Then, I lookout my window or walk down by my local church, right next to the old cemetery with the slaves in the front and the masters in the back? I say all I need to do is “turn that picture around”. But, first I have to realize the whole picture needs turning. I need to be in the front and their asses need to be in the back! It’s sad to say, but some people will never give you a “human being chance”. They will just keep feeding you bullshit.

They will see you hanging there in a tree and just keep walking their dog. Can you imagine, educated, sophisticated, positive thinking…God fearing people will leave your ass hanging? Just look at MLK, Malcom, Marcus,,,,Why? How? The same way you put the Devil behind you. You just don’t turn your ass around, You turn the whole picture around. Your God has given you the power to do that. The power to turn the whole damn picture around within the blink of an eye? But only if you believe? You cannot have it both ways,,don't try it.

You don’t have to own shit, but whatever you own, you damn well better share it, that is if you want the same in return. There will come a time when your “high flulooting ass”. Nobody, Nobody, and I mean Nobody stays on top all the time. I don’t care how strong, smart, educated, rich, powerful, religious, color, weight,,,,NOBODY stay on top all the time…..That is why balance and balance through sharing is so important. I don’t care how high or low, you both have to share power in order to get anywhere, accomplish any mission? Can you overlook anyone in your chain of command? What kind of family member would you be if you knew your brothers and sisters were starving while you sneak around getting fat?

How much “bullshit” are we being fed in order to sustain what?

You can call me a nobody but I am a nobody getting somewhere. Will truths set me free? Is it the light?

I have been around enough to know that in official capacities people want the truth. They want a daily situation report. Why is it not the same in life? Why is it not the same in our families and communities? Is it the policy of, as long as you keep your masters’ job straight who cares about home?

Is that saying, without our masters we are a lost ball in high weeds? What do you believe? In an official capacity you are not suppose to talk about what you believe. Is that because it may conflict with what the master believes? What if the beliefs of the master conflicts with what we believe? That explains why a master would not employ anyone who does not believe in what they believe. What about your work history? What about your credit report? What about your race?

Why would I work for someone who does not believe in what I believe? Would it be just to get a pay check? Do I need his pay check that much to survive? Is his money my power, How, Why? Is the power of money all I respect? Is that why we put our children out on the streets to sell drugs and their bodies? Is it because they know your sick ass? The top, the bottom, one day is going to change. Now, if that was side-by-side, they would be more apt to stay the same. Our women and childred would respect us, not the money. Remember, the time for going off getting an education was about coming back and teaching our community? How are you going to teach your community from outside of your community? Do we even live in the same community, if not you can stop here. It is sad to say. Gun power, smith and western justice, but you scream "stop the killings"!

You do not see, the same things that are happening to those Africans in Africa, are happening to those Africans in America. Why do you look down on them, how can you see yourself any better? Slavery in America and Colonialization in Africa, remember you have better sense than to be like them?

Why are they killing each other, where is their grace and mercy and don't you think those who have a chance to see us over here are asking the same? What do Americans have to complain about? They have the best of everything? The rich are sharing with them because they have got it going on? Look at them in all their fine luxuries? Is that what they believe? Do they know all the heartache and pain you go through to get all them luxuries? Do they know your CREDIT SCORE? Reckon they know how much you pay monthly for that fabulous house? No guilty feels,,,just plain ole undisputable truths? In how much debt are your children, your future? If you had them Africans' hands I bet you would be alright? The woes of having too many material things, while your sisters and brother have nothing. You know it. The picture has to be turned around. Whether we like it or not, it is turning around, then on which side will you be? Too many decisions, choices!

What about my human rights? What about my faith? If you do not exercise them, what good are they? What if I was being paid to build a “death trap” for me and all those like me? Is that why it is not important what I believe but so important for me to align my beliefs in what my employer believes? Where is the truth?

Self-Determination, turn the whole damn picture around. You/we do not have a choice. The educated must reach, must understand the uneducated if you are going to teach them what “they need”. It does not work the other way around…Who is in charge of the classroom? How are you going to know the needs of your community and properly address them? To whom do you listen? Who do you believe?

You don’t need a college education to turn the whole damn picture around, You need guts. Why let anyone pit you against your family? Never allow anyone to put your family down? Prove them wrong. I am tired of this NOW!

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