The Best Educational Experience and Communiversity

at Clark Atlanta University, Dr. Carlton E. Brown, Dr. Paul M. Brown and Tag Team Katrina and Bruce Strickland..

Art at CAU

The best educational experience gives priority to addressing critical local, national, and global issues. It includes a diverse group of students and faculty from all parts of the world discovering and applying solutions.

"The best Educational Experience comes from Grand Vistas, Monumental Entrances and Beautiful Spaces". – Clark Atlanta University President, Dr. Carlton E. Brown.

For Intellectual capabilities, innovative ideas and practices check out Clark Atlanta University (CAU).

Communiversity according to Clark Atlanta University Communiversity at Clark Atlanta University is a "town and gown" partnership committed to education as the cornerstone of sustainable community development.

The mission is to prepare leaders for the global village in which we live. They, are preparing to focus their best minds on the quest for solutions to pressing needs of the developing world, which includes the community around us. -- Bruce and Katrina Strickland Clark Atlanta University

"Education starts at home and expands globally with a more purposeful fashion, both from an intellectual and pragmatic standpoint, in order to prepare students to succeed in the global job market, serve as honest, socially responsible and respectful citizens. A key lesson learned from the first economic recession of the century was the social, cultural and economic interconnectedness of all nations; we’re all fingers of the same hand." - Dr. Paul M. Brown, Clark Atlanta University

Students interested in this life-altering experience should explore opportunities at CAU

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Senator Donzella James

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