A Better Way???

If you want a better way, you'll have to fight for it? You are going to die with something, so why not make it something you truly believe.

Why not fairness for all people, as much as possible? Something so simple?

The ones that makes no sense to, just say to hell with'em? We can fix up everybody's else's shit, but we cannot fix our own. The crazy part about it all is,,, We Know It? Everybody wants to be the Top Dog....How can that be?

No disrepect, you treat every man just the way you want to be treated? Doesn't matter if he is crippled, cranky or crazy? If you didn't speak, you just didn't speak..

Why do we make all these crazy deadlines, we know we can never, not can't, but cannever meet?

Why are you more important than me?

Why do you make $25 million and me none? You live on wall street and I in the field? Equal days work, an equal days pay? Does that say anything about gender?

(((your inner voice.com)))

How to be Better!

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