How can I be Better Faster???

When your life is hurry up and wait, how can you do better faster? Even a better question is why do you want to be better? It is obvious, but is it fast enough? Then there always are things breaking down or in a poor state of repair? Do you have to die or go to jail to correct all of this? You get a "gut" or "bad feeling" telling you something is wrong and you do not know why.

Those questions can be the hardest questions to answer to yourself when you feel pressured - evaluating, judging, instructing, criticizing, directing, etc...Depression. Is it helping...or is it getting in the way?

Will learning to be much faster and performing much better make you better in time? Is all this inner dialogue really necessary? I want it now!

I read this website today and found it to be quite informative when it comes to addressing these questions to yourself. It said, If we can get the dumber part of our brain to STFU, we can learn much faster and perform much better at just about anything.

STFU. All we need to do is take that attitude we have to people outside our head and apply it to the chattering inside our head.

We did learn to walk, after all. And we did it with virtually no explicit "talking" instruction. Nobody compared our first steps to the steps of an expert (i.e. a parent) and "told" us how to adjust.

Okay, got that, but I still need to get better faster? Try focus of attention. The focus is on what you do and say and when and how you say it.

Learn faster, perform better!

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