Big Government

Americas Biggest Threat. Writing a great country wrong. Am I trying to impress people to make them think I know?

It makes for anger! American families dying and suffering, and all the assholes can talk about is shit like this.

Where are the "real heroes" in America? Do they do shit like this really? Is this how the west was won? Is it any indication of how we normally do business? Are American business people any different from those of Nigeria?

Are the leaders of our great country no better than the "common gang bangers"? Have they lost their “Drone”?

Soldiers, good human beings are dying everyday for, what we used to call "traders". I can't think of the technical term for them, but they're out to destroy "an innocent hardworking people and country".

May be that's just cause for me not being in politics, but I am into people and this shit just doesn't make any sense for leaders who want to do good by the people they lead. Does this say, I know the problem, but there's nothing I can do?

Is this what people of a true democracy do? Is this how they live? Is this what they spend their valuable time doing? If the wealthy and powerful people of American can't do anything, then what can we do? Then why are the wealthy and powerful people doing this: Big Government Is Like Lung Cancer... Then you say, Gallup Poll said.

Sweetheart deals between big government, big business and big labor are what's killing small business and job creation and driving deficits through the roof.

It seems as if every couple of decades, Americans forget what it means to have a giant, activist government trying to micromanage every corner of our lives. So the voters fall for the promises of the left that Washington can solve all their problems, and hand power to the progressives, as they did in 2008.

Unfortunately, by the time they realize their mistake, enough damage has been done that it takes decades to undo it, if that's possible at all.

Do they ever think about the number of people suffering, lives lost due to negligence? Will you stand by and watch American families die?

Has our government been compromised, infiltrated? Is that what our leaders are struggling over? Then why don't they do something to make it "all right"?

Who's behind the government? A group like Occupy America can be bullied all around, but you take crooks in our government, they can't be touched.

Screw Business as Usual! Are they doing whatever it takes to destroy America?

Is success is spread over the entire country? Are we eliminating disparity between the highs and the lows?

Do we recognize value of the wealthy as well as the poor? Today the wealthy are the only people recognized for success, which rides on the backs of their poor workers.

So poor workers are not invested in the success of their own country and the value of their hard work and effort has been for "a big fat ZERO.

Writing a great country wrong. Am I trying to impress people to make them think I know? What good does it do to know anything?

What's the incentive to know anything good in America? If you know, have a better idea of doing business, honest, straight forward, who gives a shit? Why do we waste so much time acting like we do?

Don't you think today is proof of our work, our quality of life, our Doing Business As? We have so many to blame, but none to take responsibility? Should I? Would you help?

(((your inner

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