Wanting Company

Why would you want anything that doesn't want you?

Why do I want company? Why do I always want to talk to or with somebody, anybody who compliments what I'm doing?

I think I am supposed to have it. I believe that, I feel that and am lonely without it. It keeps me always wanting. Then, the company I have we always fall out, even family.

Does your situation get that bad? How do we grow together? What happens to hurt, anger? I'm wrong but you are right, how is that compromise? Why, haven't we learned? Why don't you want to know me, well you expect me to know you?

The ideal situation would be to be surrounded by loving and hard working family members.

Where are my friends? Are they all poor or Not forgiving? Is it that their place in life does not include me? Then why did we make all these plans? What was the original plan? I’ve had some nice people in my life, but what now? Is it that they hate me, did I not do good enough by them? Was I that bad?

Why do my children think they can do better, when they started out on the wrong foot? I couldn’t tell me but I can see me in them. How do you tell them, if you do what I did, then you are going to end up where I am?

Just a few years back, the same man to whom you are running for jobs, help is the same enemy I fought. It was okay for him to utilize violence, abuse against me, but not okay for me. It was okay for him to make a mistake, was it a mistake, but not okay for me? I think about shit.

Why did I do all that stupid shit? Why would I join with someone hurting from past failed relationships?

You started out not wanting to be like me and I didn’t want to be like my father. So with the world making me think I have an option, I see myself coming out differently, in a different place.

Even if you are adopted you can never turn your back on your family. It is what it is, but as soon as you create the mindset that you are better, then watch out.

As long as I am up, everything is going to be alright, but what happens when the people guiding you now die? Whose cousin will you be?

It is not they let go of the plan, for whatever reasons, they let go of you. They say, “when you learn better do better”?

It's a bad wind that never changes.

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Crazy ones!

The company you keep.



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