Black History Month 2009 and More

Still relevant or more substantial?

Is Black History Month Still Relevant?

Or does it make the month more substantial?

In a once divided, double standard society, Black history month was the only way to bring serious attention to news, accomplishments and contributions made by, in particular, African Americans.

However, with the election of a new President, one that is committed to change, we as a people need to give that change an opportunity and room to take root and grow. How else will we know and realize the change, if we are not willing to change?

Now, the door has been opened, we need to step through as one people. We are not Native Americans or African Americans, but AMERICANS! Prove it! Test it! Push for it! Go For It! To hell with demographics, we are one people and we all want the same thing. That is to better survive without all the BS. That is the first step to change in America.

Do you fear the change? Can you see change: Gone but not forgotten?

It is time to get into those positions. Smart, open minded people need to sit together, research and re-write all the one-sided history lies. Did Columbus discover America? Well ask someone who was here. Are facts about MLK and others good enough to publish in our school books and teach in our classroom, yes, then do it. Now, I would not let it go until we had new material in print.

About those two questions above, you asked the questions because you already know the answer. Heck no! And Color ain’t never made nothing more substantial. It was our own little way to justify our existence in a society that historically ignored us and all the good we have done.

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