Black entertainers, celebrities and the community

In what ways do you think that Black entertainers and celebrities have a responsibility to the black community?

Everyone has a great responsiblity to give back to our communities. However, there are some communities that we do not want to see survive and too bad, the black community is one of them.

I think there is no harder people on African-Americans than African-Americans. We have allowed ourselves to be conditioned that what we have is never good enough. In order for us to become productive citizens we have had to depend on a criteria set by the same people who enslaved us.

So the lesson learned there is to never invest in a black community--too risky! Blacks are too busy trying to get away from our communities and lifestyle choices in which we were raised. Our communities, schools, stores, businesses have been abandoned for "the greener looking grass" on the other side.

Globalism and our President

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