Globalization and President Obama

Do you think that Globalism will affect the way our next President leads our nation? In what ways? For better or worse?

I think global means at home and abroad. Before we go global let us take a look at home. Though America has had 44 Presidents, none were for the human rights of Black Americans. Historically, Blacks have fought for the human rights of America and when that was achieved, we had to fight for our own human rights, within America, which have never been achieved and looks like we are getting further from it, culturally speaking. The closest thing we have had for a President is Jesus Christ. In a since, how much more global can one get?

Since the election of a minority President, which happens to be Black, many Blacks have taken this to be some kind of divine intervention on our behalf. Though we had very little to do with it and we are governed by a system designed against us, we had all but given up on any chances of HOPE for this system recognizing that we even exist in America. That is why we had and for what we heavily depended upon Black History Month. Now, that we have a Black President, at least there is some sense of renewed hope within the Black Community, some sense of closure for all the abuse we have been subjected to in America. Abuse we have been conditioned to overlook. That is the real problem.

Now, that we have a Black President, will he address the plight of Black people or like the rest, will he overlook our plight? I am talking about issues that historically have been unique to and for Black Americans. Would it be proper for him to directly address them? Would it show some signs of ignoring White America, just as they have ignored Black America. Why not empty a prison or two, jut for the hell of it? If some how he made a gross mistake and took direct action to help reverse the plight of Blacks in America, just as we are doing in Iraq and other countries, would it be profitable to America? Would it be fair if White America got what they dished out and truly deserve?

Side Note: You know, as I am writing here, it just doesn't even seem fair or worth it to even attempt to address the plight of blacks in America and globiliaztion. Our plight has been forsaken for so long, it just seems fair that we ought to have to work like hell, more than any other, to be even recognized and respected as a good people. We have been conditioned that we can only be good through them.

On a global level, Yes, and he is better served to introduce himself to such racially divided, capitalistic country, by first proving himself on a global level. Domestically speaking, when it comes to black and white, there are still many very influential whites who are determined to hold on to white supremacy. Further, there are still too many blacks who are afraid to stand and speak up for the good that we know we are being denied. It is much easier to play equals.

Though Barack Obama has done miracles with the domestic problems he has been confronted with, especially during these harsh economic times, it is still too risky to deal with many of the real problems unique to Black Americans. It is still too risky to tell whites to shut-up and go sit down somewhere, because every little thing is going to be alright. It is still far too risky to tell them that everything that happens in America is not about them. Boy, just look at the repercussions of a health care reform. Just imagine if he attempted to directly compensate descendants, dependents of slavery, which is well overdue?

So if it is true that you get what you give, whether Obama does anything for the plight of Black folk in America or not, they are going to get what they have coming, irregardless to who or what the President does on a global level.

Dr. King's dream and President Obama

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