The Blame Game

So who am I going to blame?

I blame those around me for my inability to do what I need to do? No money, well that because of the people around me have no good ideas or they make poor choices? By which kind of people do I surround myself?

Do you blame those closest to you for your shortcomings? How often, how many times in a day do you find yourself blaming others, mostly those close to you, for whatever went wrong in your life? You did this, you did that, do you ever take responsibility in part or whole? Failing to do so leads to even more confusion, chaos and insecurities. Some people blame a whole ten, fifteen or twenty year block of failures on their love ones and others? Whites blaming blacks, left blaming right, republicans blaming democratics, husbands blaming wives...

What about your foundation, are you strengthen by it? Is it easy for you to give up?

When adversity hits do you go into a serious state of depression? That just makes things all that worse, doesn't it? Do you stress out? Do you become violent?

In todays time instead of pulling together and getting to the root of the problem, we learn to blame others. That says a lot about the stuff from which we are made. Our foundation is easily thrown off balance and we blame others for allowing that to happen. When we throw blame, we refuse to work toward progress and for what we have worked will be taken away.

So how are you building your foundation? Can you pull together to solve, resolve or dissolve your problems? Are you building on a solid foundation?

Start today, building a good solid foundation and be strengthen by it. Foster cooperation, take more responsibility for your own failures and the failures of others. Well, if you do not patch the whole in the boat, are not we all going down?

(((your inner

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