Blaming President Obama for Jobless

People and organizations who blame this President, President Obama, for not having a job. blaming this President for Unemployment!

Think about that, use a little bit of COMMON SENSE AND logic before you act for just one minute?

Because you ain’t got no job or jobs, you blame President Obama? Why not blame any other President but? Why not blame your employer?

The one time, we finally get a real different kind of President. Well just like the others I really don’t know how he got here? You probably know more about the man than I do, but for an American Politian, you must admit, the man is a pretty smart guy. Let’s just say, he has been able to do what no other American could and he did it all very peacefully.

What more could you ask of a man who got himself "the number one job in the United States" and possibly "the World", during the worst of times? Think now, if you had his hand, could you have pulled that off? See, that’s why you are not this President and that is what makes him even more worthy? Just like any other outstanding celebrity, sport figure, preacher, teacher, that man is good. Now, respect goes both ways.

He has a beautiful family, wife and children and no drama. Looks like they are just as friendly as they could be, which is more than we ever had from any other President.

Further, if that President could get himself the very “number one job in America” during the worst of times, what makes you think he ought to hear your “belly aching”? I wouldn’t, would you?

Think now, had we treated our jobs right when we had them, we would still be employed. What is outsourcing and giving our hard earn jobs to any and everybody? Had we done what we were supposed to, Obama might not “even be” President today.

Just think, you’ll have health care and the rich and those people we gave our jobs to will have to pay; and rightful so, unless you allow them to out smart you again. Think in reverse order, from people who put profits above health care to people who put patient care above profit? They even call it ObamaCare to piss you off. They're doing everything to turn you against health care for yourself. You are about to get paid. From where will come the money, from people who got the jobs "they" let get away,,, HELLO.

Do you have to listen to anyone else to see where this is going? We've already priced ourselves off the charts.

Health care will kill two birds at least with one stone, people who put profits above health care - insurance companies and the medical profession. We will have new blood, new thinking and people who put your health care above their profits.

Think now and use logic.

Poor Management?

(((your inner voice))) what does it say?

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