Poor Management???

Does this message resonate with you???

The bigger the jerk you are the farther you get? What does that say for our leadership?

What does poor management get you? Why do we even have such a thing, being professionals? Management in a fast-paced, high-priced world. We’ve made our work so much easier and faster, but it seems the problems never go away? Now, like a rat on a tread mill, we can’t keep up with them, so we make very shady deals to cover our tracks.

Does life seem to catch you by surprise? Well, it doesn’t me and but it is a constant struggle to stay ahead of the game.

Here’s the situation, when I go to collect rations, the lines are getting longer and longer. For two days now, I have not been able to receive my check due to computers being down. What does that mean for a person living on meager rations? What does that mean when it happens to the masses?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot, living on meager rations it is very difficult to save. The only relief is I have no debt, other than utilities. But you and the society in which I live look down upon and shun people like me, why? Boy, wouldn’t that be a blessing “if” our country had no debt? It’s normal for each American to be in 100k USD worth of debt at any given time – house, car, maintenance. Do most Americans have a job that earn 50K or more USD annually? That’s 30 years of throwing your money into somebody else’s pockets, because you want to live above your means? What’s the chances of you making it? In the end, you get zero for yourself. The number of loans that are in default? Is it getting better or worse? Don’t think about it,,,just look at today. And we just keep doing “the SOS”. Are we SOL?

Can you depend upon anyone with a lot of money? Who’s responsible for managing everything we do? Can we hold poor people responsible? Is better to depend on a rich person or poor person? Let’s see: banks? Politicians? Tax collectors, attorneys, doctors…any of them? Management of land and resources??? Then, why do we portray the poor man as not being dependable?

What is the secret to getting head over hill in debt? Why? How long can you tell a person, who has already completed the job, you can’t pay them because your computer is down? Try telling that to the IRS. Our government can give any excuse, but you can give none, is that a double standard or what? In what kind of world do I live

The down side of it all is the good must suffer with the bad, in our fast paced, money hungry society. Because our country is so submerged in debt, am I expected to help pay for it? You hear the rich complaining about helping the poor all the time, but do you ever hear the poor complaining about this humongous national debt, that poor people had nothing to do with. Remember, I am looking at things from the bottom, up.

Management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. It is a discipline that involves preparing for disaster before it occurs, disaster response, and supporting

Telling it like it is?

What's wrong with (((your inner voice)))

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