Bland to Brand

There is great comfort in knowing you have landed in the right spot.

If you want to test that, just look at people during rush hour. Where can so many niggers be going at the same time.

Look like they would have sense enough to better organize, but I guess they all want to be stuck in traffic together. Well anyway, do you know about Bulldozing?

Reinvent your future by recreating yourself. It’s all about image, your spirit. Now, what are you going to do with it?

Bulldozing: to move, clear, gouge out, or level off by pushing with or as if with a bulldozer. it didn't say level every damn thing and clear it out.

Why do people always want to have Brand Name shit? It’s like the other brand is inferior, of lesser quality. Why would someone make anything of lesser quality? Which one of us is made of lesser quality?

When you buy a home, most likely you support bulldozing and then you feel guilty because you used it to build your home, but I've good new news for you.

But the truth of the matter is, Humans do. And when we do, it's can be hard to change.

But I am here to say, You can just as easily Take yourself from Bland to Brand, within “the blink of an eye. Things happen in blinks of an eye, you know. They’re not as long term and drawn out as you may think, that’s your patience worrying you.

And it does take all this stuff we make you go through, As a matter of fact, you be better served by leaving a lot of it out of your life. But they make us Believe Them or at least we allow them to think we do. We're being bulldozed all the time.

Stop fooling people! Stop accepting all their BS! They can tell you about smoking, how bad it is but you can’t tell them shit. Try and tell them to stop bulldozing. Banks, Politicians... and their new remedies for Americans? They’ll push you right off the cliff.

In reality, no-one condones bulldozing. NEws: It ain’t what you have, but how you use it?

wE HAVE determined, We are determined, we will be better served, we will be better off when we listen, TO THE PERSPECTIVE OF EACH INDIVIDUAL.

From bland to brand new.

(((your inner

Your greatest desires met What would happen?

People will mess you up every time!

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