People will mess you up

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How do you make it in a world when people are what they ain’t?

How do you know when you’ve met someone who’s out to betray you? How many benefits of the doubt do they get?

Ever applied for a job and they just led you on until they got what they wanted? What about a business, relationship, predatory lending?

Do you know these kind of people? What happened to your word and being accountable to it? Saying what you mean and meaning what you say? What does it take to get that right?

You don’t know, but the kind of people with whom you associate, the closest people to you, the ones you least expect can mess you up.

Not all, but the ones you would like to believe wouldn't, the ones you put the most faith in, will stand by and watch you “git messed-uped”. I’m trying to figure it out, but some of the most world renowned, think of themselves as elite, educated, “a cut above”, will shit on you every time.

Now, if you did it to them, that'll be a problem, no job or benefits. They are never up front with you, but to all those they think got some money or can help them get some, they’ll come out of the hospital for. They will not give you the crumbs off their plate, but to someone they think got money, they’ll give everything. As long as they think they’re going to get some money, nothing is beneath them.

I see it best at political events, is that playing politics? What's going on with Herman Cain? Can people mess you up? Is it gang related? How do they feel when they let you down? You pay for my health care, but no government health care for you.

It’s all upto the people and what we do to each other? We want respect, love, caring and someone on who we can depend; but we find it hard to give. Shopping, do you know how much time and effort “they” spend figuring out how to sell you shit? There’s nothing wrong with selling but only a few are allowed to do it, no matter the quality of their product or service. We’re just coming off that: Cronyism and Corruption. How are things ever going to get better?

Is that why people want good jobs, good neighbors, health care professionals? No Shows, Excuses, Too Late! Do you know these kind of people? They’ve always got some kind of sorry ass excuse, why they can’t do what they said. Yes, it pisses you off, after you have gone through all the preparation for their sorry asses. And like a dog on a fire hydrant, they'll run off wagging their tale.

What are the warning signs? Take notice, they betray themselves before they betray you. So the next time you think about getting messed up, and blaming a distance enemy, think on those right around, those you have allowed to get close to you.

You had better be able to pick up quick and move fast. Keep everything straight, even, balance so you can keep moving with your life. Once bitten, twice shy. Where's that Convincing Article?

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