Body Talk!

What is your body trying to tell you?

How dumb and stupid are you to your body? How abusive are you to your own body? What about personal hygiene? Do you eat healthy? Do you know what is healthy to eat? The seven deadly sins?

Does your body talk to you? Does it tell you it getting older? Does it tell you that your children are our future? Does it tell you about personal hygiene? What is your body trying to tell you? Are you paying attention? Are you listening? When do you seek help? Is it self-defeating to pay your body no attention?

Dehydration, is your body crying out for WATER!!! Our body tells us a lot of things. My body tells me that i am slightly overweight, too much smoking and having some mild aches and pains.

If something is persistent and bothersome, don't cover it up or write it off to be nothing!

Listen to your body- it may be trying to tell you something very important to YOU! If you have pain, swelling, the joint is red or warm or have limited motion, Seek help. Get checked as soon as possible.

This year give your body the ultimate birthday present. Good Posture and Good personal hygiene is the least you can do for your body!

The Ultimate "BD card"?

(((your inner

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