Both were wrong

How does that make you right?

Both of you were wrong. What are you saying? Are you helping or hurting?

Most commonly used when a Black and White are in disagreement and the mediator concludes both of you are wrong, just to relieve themselves of the responsibility of resolving the disagreement?

How can both of us be wrong? How can all three of us be right? How can a whole people be wrong? HOw can a whole people be right, then why do we do that stupid shit? Why are we killing anybody? Why do we feel the need to education, more so than ever in the history of the world? The more we learn the less we do, what do we achieve by that? Are we really living? What do you call this shit we're doing? Can a black man really own and operate a successful business in America, then, why not me? Why not you?

How can a Black People always be wrong? Why don’t we tell every criminal that, if it is so true? Why don’t we use that phrase to settle every disagreement if it is so effective? ONly in American and we're demonstrating it to the rest of the world. Is it because we are living in another man's system? Are we doing for ourselves or another man? Why do we always have to work another man's job? Why can't we develop a system of our own? Why must we live the life of our enemies?

Who validates you? Is it your school or theirs? How do they know, how can they be trusted? Do they trust themselves to make money off of you?

Equal rights, we less rights? Everything we do, they take more from us. Before you know it, we will not have the little we have now. If you ain't got shit now, think-about-it. Who is us?

(((your inner

Seeing something saying something

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