What does it mean to keep your mouth shut? Crime, Prices, Economic and Social

What can you do about all of this: Alarming crime rate, economic and social decline? How does all this effect your personal life? How does your personal life affect our world?

Should anyone listen to you? To what are you listening and what good is it?

MOst don't say anything because they feel hopeless? And there are those in positions of power who want to see you that way, why?

Can we tell you the answers or can you only get them from school?

Seeing Something and Saying Something, you think you are smart by saying nothing, just look at what's happening. What’s going on with that?

There are laws, spoken, silent and written, to prevent you from seeing and saying what you think about what you see. Why do we have laws to prevent and discourage critical thinking and action?

Why must you think like a politician or educator.. Why can’t you think like a human being? What are we doing and what are we trying to accomplish? How can we go forward by going backward? How can we prosper, both economically and socially, being more divided? Just look at how many political parties we have, are you a political liberal conservative? So what kind of thinking are they doing? Tea party, how do you be that and where do you join?

When you think about what we humans are doing to our land, resources and selves; Hitler is a Saint. When you think about what we humans are doing to ourselves, Sadan, Bin laden… are Saints. Who are our enemies?

When we see something and say nothing, we're enabling/helping our enemies. How would you like it if someone saw something dangerous in the road and said nothing; and you were the very next auto and failed to see the trap? How can you have an outcome before you have an income? How can you go into debt before having a means to pay? Why do we take so much for granted? My credit is ruined.

When you see something, anything worth mentioning, please say something or otherwise, it will be too late.

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