The Best Defense is A Good Offense


Do you write?

People do lots of things to get by and they used to get by and away with it, but today is a different day.

Do you ever think about your own defense? From whom are you defending yourself. Do you know the words to the STAR SPANKLE BANNER? Do you know what they really mean or are you just singing along?

What about the "PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE", will not talk about waving the flag? Do you remember how Americans used to wave the flag? Was it mostly good stuff? The first thing to come to mind is the CAVALRY? The next is the HOOD?

We stood a many day for raising and lowering of the flag, the STAR SPANGLE BANNER and all, fought in their wars, we even help take and build this country, we call THE LAND OF FREE, but oh say can you see?

Intimidation, that's the way you want to lead? Do you just go attacking and terrorizing your enemy? Do you even know who the real enemy is? Why are the BUFFALO all but extinct, where the buffalo roam?

When are we going to really and surely work with MOTHER NATURE? Will if you're not working for, surely you are against and does that make any sense? Cards on the table.

Why do we make matters soooo complicated, OVER COMPLICATING EVERYTHING. Do you really need a loan application to pay back a loan? What happens if you fail? You know, we make our own money, why is the PRICE so high? The more we make, the more we want to make,, cards on the table. And the more we make, the less some people get? Talk about FRAUDING THE PEOPLE.

Why do you cheat the people, how and then don't expect to be cheated. Are you really spending all that money FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE - all cards on the table? Why do we go through so much effort, confusion and chaos to Bullshit ourselves?

Am I seeing things that are not there and on top of all that - you tell us WE ARE FLAT BROKE, as a matter of fact, we're in great debt? Is that a good offense? How did I contribute to that, the harder I work, the BROKER I get? You see, that’s why and where I see that old slavery shit. What good does it do me to work, when the WHOLE COUNTRY is in economic and social? Where are the jobs? We had them, where did they go? Did all the jobs go away on your watch and now you want to blame me? How does the future look? Through what color glasses are you looking? Reckon we can burn any more fuel?

Which is worse Jehovah's Witnesses, Methodist, Baptist,,, Five Lives About God Exposed; are we all competing, trying to get in the same hole, at the same time? Why do we feel we have so much control over our DESTINY? What are we destined to be? Are we going to leave women and po folks at home? You don’t really give a damn, just about your own greedy ass.

How old are you? How long is that?

A good offense is better than a bad defense, but a The Best Defense is A Good Offense. Write something and I pray it’s good.

(((your inner

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