Why Brotherhood

There is oppression of everything that is Brotherhood-related? Do you care? Do you feel like you belong to the brotherhood? Does belonging make you feel an added sense of responsibility in life? What's for dinner?

We are born into brotherhood. We need brotherhood because alone, we can do nothing. Who will watch over our homes and family when we can not? We have enemies, you know. Since birth, we have learned to dramatize our differences. I don't think we ought to dramatize all our differences. It is your personal property but people can see it. They may be offended. True, but it's a good reminder of what we are fighting against.

That is a problem, we are not fighting against anything, we are just trying to be good stewards, no matter what others do. Live and help live! We want to make folks think of things we have in common, things that help bring peace and harmony, that's what makes Brotherhood. We have to change this way we have always talked about our differences and without good leadership, people would fail. Or we're liable to say things that don't do nothing but make for more misunderstanding and trouble. Things that don't make for Brotherhood have to be rooted out. I watch everything I do and say so as to be sure that I don't upset the Brotherhood -'cause this is a wonderful life. Too often we're liable to forget that this something is a privilege to belong.

In the Brotherhood, we are all brothers and we have to discipline ourselves. Us Brothers have to keep it that way. We have to watch ourselves, Brother. United we stand, divided we fall. You know what I mean? Like a good neighborhood, brotherhood is always there.


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