A new era of responsibility? Renewing America's Promise?

rough rider, am I destined to be?

Budget? What budget? How much do I spend? My budget has always dictated to me what I could buy. Budget is a strange word to me. Every time I got a little extra money, there was always a little extra bill. Save what? Put aside what? If it ain’t one thing, it is another is more like my budget.

Right now, I am told I owe the federal government USD $30,000? As poor as I am, the other day, just out of the blue, I got an official letter in the mail demanding, I show proof of an income earned of USD $60,000? It makes you feel like somebody is out to get you.

I wonder from where are people getting these budgets? But I will not give up.

What is required of us is a new era of responsibility. "A budget is more than simply numbers on a page. It is a measure of how well we are living up to our obligations to ourselves and one another." - President Barack Obama

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