Building or Tearing Down

To the bearers of bad news...

There's nothing worse than someone always bearing bad news. You really hate to see them coming and you hate to loose them, but it is what it is.

Are you building or tearing down? Exactly what is your fucking point? Why are you here and why are you reading this? I am writing this so you can decide, so there will be no reason to fuss or fight - confrontational.

Some know how to build and others know how to destroy. Now, I am going to talk about those whose only purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.

There are some who bring the BEst out in you and there are some who bring the worse out, even though any situation can be looked at from a positive aspect, if you want to solve, resolve, dissolve problems. Don't create problems, help solve them and if you are fortunate enough not to have problems then stfu while we resolve our own. Respect is a two-way street and on this street, I am building a business.

This website addresses countries and it tells you, the same thing that’s going on with your ass is going on with everybody elses. There is always someone worse off than you. You are not alone.Listen to yourself, ask what the hell am I doing, am I reading and writing or am I taking this shit personal. If the shoe fits, wear it. Please do not call, phone me over the bullshit, by the time you’ve done that, it’s already too late. Either you’re with me or against me and personally, I do not give a flying-fuck.

I am all about telling my truths and what you do with yours is your own fucking business. Share positive shit, nobody wants to hear all your belly aching about what I write. Calling me will only result in confrontation, please do not do it, unless it is something positive. Write it your fucking self.

Now, hear this, you may have killed, shot, maimed, abuse, deceived…your husband, but please don’t try that shit with me. Save yourself the time and fucking energy, while if you could make so shit happen by yourself, you already would. Don’t use my platform to shine on me….go somewhere else and write all your stupid bullshit, remembering there’s two sides to every story,,,which one are you telling? How will they respond to your stupid ass?

For example, if you go to FB, what’s the difference between Mark Z. and me? Do you know him, then why in the fuck do you want to know me - confrontational.

If you ain’t about building this team, then you already know. To address your issues, look at them from a global perspective and if it not worth you writing, them please do not phone, surprise, trick, twist my arm.... IF we aren't solving problems then what are we doing?

Art at your inner

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