The Meeting

It ain't Easy being a Life Coach (((Meeting))). The future of the whole world is in your hands...

Welcome to the your inner Morning Show, with Virginia, Margrett, Renenet, Juanita, Jeff, Charles, John, Lamar... and Me Call it The View, The Talk, The Morning Show, but whatever you call it, It's happening. We are making a difference as we share what it is thorough which we're experiencing. You might not like it nor must you agree, but it is what it is.

We need each other, whether you agree or disagree, we must accept our differences and allow all innocent people to safely pass through our territories. We are not going to get mixed up in this fuss and fight. We want peace and in order to get it, this is what's required. Think of all the people who are mis-led, mis-guided to kill anyone found in territory.

What about yourself, what when you find yourself crossing into someone's else's territory? Think on our State of Seige.

Live and living color. Everything has it's value and everything has it's price. So what's in it for me? How do I contribute my share, because what I sow is what I reap. What's your vision?

Back to this meeting thing. IS it about me? What about the meeting after the meeting? Are you committed to keeping this love alive. What is your inner voice all about? Is it about being (((the best you, you can be))). What does that take: allowing you to be you and helping you achieve what it is you want. For what more can I ask or have?

We have meetings about the meeting. We have meetings for the meeting. Virginia hates Renenet. Margrett hates Renenet...

With Virginia, Margrett, Renenet and Me. Now, some of you call me the rooster in the barn. When your Higher Power or what ever diety you answer to,gives your ass a gift horse your ass thinks you have to open it's mouth to inspect the teeth,I know who I am and whose I am,you sir are still looking,nuff said-- Virginia

It’s not the meeting, but the meeting before and after the meeting. Now, who hates me? It’s not the destination, but journey. Not what you're going to do or what you did yesterday, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Do something Grandma

What's your plan to success, who does it include, because that is exactly where you are headed whether you like/realize it or not.

REspect is the key. If I lose it for you, I've lost it for myself.

Do you reaLLY UNDERSTAND THAT? I don't want to lose this feeling, especially to all the bullshit that caused me to lose it before. Why sit here in this frustration?

Respect me and allow me to be myself, my heart is on the line. Except it or Reject me, but please don't play with me, my feelings nor anything else that doesn't belong to you.

My love for you is so, so precious - Living for the sunshine and working through all those cloudy days. Loving and caring, come make this trip with me. Make sure you bring all your loving ways.

The meeting before the meeting and the meeting after the meeting is based upon the of meeting today.

(((your inner

Borrowing from tomorrow

Meeting the Standard

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