Burning Bridges

When you go over a bridge do you ever think about who built it? Does it really matter?

Why would you burn that bridge? What about your mechanic, can you depend on him?

Burning BridgesThe nick of time, are patriots really for the country? A matriarch, patriarch… or a patriot, what about grown as men who cannot figure shit out? You stay in trouble all the damn time and you call that peace.Why do you do so much stupid shit for money and call it a job? Do you really understand why our jobs are going away? Will you stop in “the nick of time”?What goes up must come down? Today, there are so many who do not care? And then there are those who feel zero sense of responsibility for what’s going on, why is that? How do you make a man feel responsible for something he’s not responsible, but he is responsible?

For what does or does not happen on this earth, man is responsible and the more shit in which we engage the more shit we’re held responsible, because we weren’t supposed to do it anyway. How am I responsible for the education of another man, why should it be mandatory for him to think like me. Who really gives a shit whether one plus one is one, two, three… as long as you treat me with respect?

Is an EX the same as an X, what about your ex-spouse? Is this really how you’re supposed to treat your spouse? Is it the same as treating your neighbor? What’s the difference? Are you stuck in a Rut? Is the point of return the same as Burning Bridges? Have we gone past the point of no return? What happens when you tell someone, I am just doing my job?

Why must we listen to your “Dumb Ass”? Think about shit and that has nothing to do with money. Unimpressive, every-day men are forced into situations where they are told to kill in order to save a people they don’t even know. They have a job, that’s all I can say. We’re just doing our jobs is all they can say, but the job never gets done. Can you count on your children, do you depend on them, for what? At what point do they stop?

Afterwards, they do not want to know them. So why does that people respond so negative to veterans, the people who truly protects them? Are you a veteran, matriarch, patriarch… or a patriot?

Peace starts within, so who burned the bridges, Burning Bridges, the matriarchs, patriarchs or Patriots?Too Late To Turn Back Now

The Warters of Shiloh

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