Business Building

Can I do this alone? Then what exactly is it that I need?

We’re walking around with all these “needs” that need fulfilling, I’ll call them “holes in your draws” and we’re acting like we really got it going on. Like the Most High is going to fix all this shit for us, while we sit on do nothing, above and beyond.

What am I writing here when I need Hard Core Evidence that what I am doing here is working? Where is my proof?

During a business deal, my partner snatched the rug right from under me. Another partner suggested you should make her pay and rightfully so. But when I ask myself, what should she pay me, the answer comes "nothing". Because, I didn't not do anything wrong. She is the one who must make the necessary adjustments.

Should I stop working with her? Then I was further advised to "proceed with caution" because this business partner has shown the true hand, their original intentions, which were very self-centered. So how do we learn and recover from our mistakes?

We boast quite a bit about our accomplishments, but when you look at the overall picture, we ain’t accomplished shit. Do you measure our progress based upon individual accomplishments or as a whole? When you look at our leaders, what kind of leadership do you see? Are we “sick and tired” of the same old sorry ass leadership? Then, what should we do?

Do we want to start a war or just start doing our jobs? Are you going to tell me to wait until May for you to get off your sorry ass. Now, I am working like hell and you? Where are the communications skills? Are you sending up smoke signals to the most high? What about education, how does that shit work? Sewing, how can you expect anything new, when you keep sowing the same old shit? Do you ever think about a “marketing plan”?

Can you do better and if so, why not? It’s good to have your hair and nails done, but what would it be like to be the “go to person” to get them done, instead of the recipient? The creator can do both, but the recipient is only receiving. Same thing with fishing or anything else, we must put our business building skills to work and out front.

Here at your inner the idea is to deliberately sell intellectual properties, how easier does it get? You use the same principle to sell anything else, to sell our own products and services.

Now, you ask me about writing them down, but they are already written. All you need to do is turn your lips in such a fashion as to sell this website. What are you going to get out of it? Well, what am I going to get out of using your truck? It’s already written, you get out what you put in.

One problem is the more I show you the worse you get. I’ve shown you how to create and maintain a budget. I’ve told you, the same things it takes to run a family are the same things it takes to run a business. I'm burning more new brain cells telling you shit you already know and should be practicing. Who has got the nerve to call the next person and talk BUSINESS SENSE? If you know how to talk business.

I say we must come together organize and do the shit, you tell me about slow down and divine timing. I tell you anything can sell, you tell me you ain’t going to do it. We keep doing the same ole stupid shit, yet expecting a different result? We spend more time going backwards than we do forward. In particular, the more good shit I suggest, the more bad shit you do? Why must I suggest any damn thing?

Don’t we all have the same passion? Why can’t we ban together, use one platform, the web and deliberately promote and sell the good in each other? How do you get someone, anyone to spend their hard earned dollars on your “monkey ass”? Do you deserve it? Do I? How valuable is this information to you? Can I be any clearer, can it be any easier?

Am I wanting you to do my job, what’s the difference? You want nice looking gardens, but can you do the work? No, not alone. But here’s the thing, where is your plan, how much are you willing to help, do you have the where withal to even work along beside me? Now, that is the difference between someone wanting help or wanting someone to do the job for them. Excuses - too old, young, sick... sick, lame and lazy.

What happens when you pay someone to do a job for you, but you really do not pay too much attention to what they’re doing or failed to do? Will you get a good job? Will they charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars for “shitty workmanship”? Why do we always want to do shit backwards or get something for nothing? You say money ain’t real?

Then, what good does it do to put beautiful plants in your garden when you’re not willing to do what it takes to maintain them?

New, brain cells, are you willing to burn new brain cells in order to be able to do something different? Do you ever think about “waking up and not having to depend on them to get the job done”? I’ve said, we must reach out to like-minded individuals and “tell the same lie”.

You ask me, “What is the lie”? I tell you, it’s the same lie you see and hear through mass media everyday. Is that we just do not want to compete or is it “we do not know how”? What good is knowing and not doing?

Who would not want their passion to turn into a business success? In a last ditch effort, we need a good marketing plan.

(((your inner

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