Busted and No Way Out

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Are you gullible, do you know what being a snitch really means?

There are some people who do not mind jumping in and helping, but beware of who's going to be blamed, not credited but blamed!!!

Is it worth the risk? At that time, I thought so. I never did anything that could land me in jail. As a matter of fact, I was one of those guys who would tell on themselves if I did something wrong. All I ever wanted to be was a successful entrepreneur.

Every time shit goes wrong people want to blame me! Doesn't matter the nature of our relationship or how far I was away? Who's responsible for my family breakup? Ask my momma? Who's responsible for my the problems with my siblings? Here is a good example of how that works. I don't mind taking on my share of responsiblity but to hell with taking on full responsiblity for shit I cannot control? Keep reading:

One day a couple of my friends approached me with this too good to be true deal. It was so good it made me nervous just to hear the words. Nervous as hell and adrenaline flowing, I made up in my mind to try it one time. I did and got away with it. So, just one more time I'll do it and be free. Each time just kept leading to the next. Is this really what you want to do? Yes, I wanted it all and they made it seem so easy. Here is what happened…

With no hesitation at all, I did what I had to do. My so-called friends encouraged me and were supplying me and the profits were flowing. Everything was A-Okay and went that way for several months, it seems. By now, I was hooked. Well, let me put it this way, I had gotten away with it long enough that all my concerns and fears were gone.

And then, one morning, just out of the blue, about 8:30a.m., after everybody was gone to school and work, there was a knock at my door. I paid no attention and did not answer. After a while there was knocking everywhere. I thought whoever this is knows I am in here. Just may be there is an emergency or so. I got up, went to the door only to be greeted by cops and guns everywhere.

I could not believe it and still did not have a clue? They ordered me to open the door, came right in and started to search the house. After they were satisfied, they ordered me to get dressed and escorted me to the car. Yes, me, mr. Goody two shoes! They wanted to have a look into one of the places out of which I was operating. Then, it hit me.

I wondered what had gone wrong and why, how, but I cooperated and kept my cool. The whole time I was thinking, something is not right. This is the absolute worse thing that has ever happened to me, yet I knew the worse was still yet to come, but I was still in a state of denial, until the cops uncovered the evidence. They even knew about my little secret hiding place. I knew then that I was through. I was caught and there was no way around it anymore?

Flash backs, if only I had stopped while I was ahead? How did they know? But I was no longer in a position to ask questions. The reality of what I was doing hit home. Who's going to save me now?

After the longest day of my life, I was taken down to the station. I guess you would call it booked and released. That was my saving grace. I really appreciated the cops for the way they handled my situation. They were alot smarter than me.

Now, the guilt trip. When do I call my love ones and tell them what has happened? How? What are they going to think about me now,,,Mr. Smarty? Look what I have caused. Bad memories! Should I snitch? I have never felt so stupid in my life.

During the investigation process and some days or weeks later, I learned that my suppliers had turned informants and turned me in. A gullible victim, I was the fall guy for something I would have never done had not it been for my so called friends. I was deceived and victimized due to my own greed. Sucker, there is one born every minute.

Do you have a family or love ones? Are you doing something against the law and could land you or them in jail? Are you in a position to let anyone down? With what kind of people are you associating? What are they encouraging you to do? You might want to seriously think about that before you get caught. After getting caught you will realize it wasn't worth it.

Give support now, TODAY---while there is still hope. Fatal attractions and now, it is your turn. You are caught.

But life does not stop there, so what do you do next? Think? You are back at the same point where you started. One person’s belief is another’s taboo. Passion, do you want to get the best out of your life, then practice Strength and stability. Change can and will happen, but how long and what will it take?

Your hands can do so many things, see what good they can do? Everyday is a new challenge. Take very good care of yourself. Freedom, you can only keep one thing. I hope somebody sees my story and takes heed and change their lives. If only one, that will be a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I know plenty of fishermen who forget to latch their tackle box before they pick it up…Don’t do that. Help change the way we live.

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