C. Jack Ellis Macon Mayor 2011

C. Jack Ellis for Macon Mayor 2011

How does this make you feel? If you died today! Vision for 2011

Old Crystal Ball and Boxing Gloves...FOR THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF MACON GEORGIA 2011, Why is it important for you to know this information, before hand?

BO44 Making Washington work.

So you can "Be Better Prepared"? Boy Scout's Motto! Now, lets not make this a racial thing? Any smart group of people, would like to be as prepared as possible, so they would plan and execute.

In the history of my life and the life about Macon Ga, a few things standout? Most, I do not like to talk about, the next is the first black Mayor. You see, most of the time, I am pulling for the underdog? I am an underdog.

I am not like those people who just Go With The Flow. I would not support the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I do not support a lot of the things that are going on today, under the guise of profit? It's sad when you see how stupid you really are? Just how some people can make you believe stupid shit? What about the Indian wars? As I look back, why do we still honor their sorry asses...Just doesn't make sense? No, they were not sorry to me, two wrongs doesn't make a right?

Why do you tell people it is not a race thing, when you know it is? stupid, stupid and more stupid...and on top of that, you have the nerve to think, because you are so smart, you will never hit bottom. It is not all white people, but it is all those white people who just go with the flow? And then you say, it's not a race thing. Good is good and bad is bad, I do not care who's doing it. And for all these years you have just gone with the flow.

Think about the fact of just watching you do more and more stupid shit over the past 50 years,,,,how sickening that must be? You say we have the best schools... but just look at the illeteracy rate? Hunger? Why do you starve your POOR? Don't you think, just being poor is enough trouble? Then you go jump your big fat ass on, just to go for a free ride? How would you feel dragging all that weight around? You put on a cowboy hat, a little liquid courage and make yourselves the king of the world. There is no better person or people than you?

You know how to run a business, a town, city state, but how is our economy? to whom are you lying???...the numbers just do not add up? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF OPPRESSING A PEOPLE? WOULD YOU PUT UP WITH THAT? Ask yourself some serious questions and give yourselvef a serious answer? How long could you last, defying all odds? How long would someone, anyone, what kind of person would I be, if I just went alone with oppressing another, any other human being? That is why our government,,,how could,,how do you live with double standards at home? Nothing to do with race...but it just doesn't work?

We are tired of abusing ourselves? Just think about shit, real shit? How long can you put up with living the life of a lie? Would you like to live in a lying society? Was it really the best man you were putting in office or just the best "of you" that you had to offer? Today, we have the option to vote for the best man?

We have the option to prove we were wrong, just by changing and living the life we know we ought to be living? To say we know the difference? How can you get law and order, living by a double standard? Do you think the American Indians, Native Americans really trust you? Do you think black people really trust you? There is just something about history and being related to your skin color, that leaves you no place to hide.

What does that mean to Macon, Georgia? Is it a race or black and white thing? If so, do you know how long the city of Macon has been run by one race, even though it is a multi-racial town, only once race, group of ethnic orgin has made all the decisions for all races in Macon Ga. Our culture is the same but our treatment of each other is not and there are some of us in power who does not want it to be?

Now, who do you think won, for all those years? But you always say, it is not a race thing; and none of the minority groups residing there ever made such a claim? Even though they and you knew, without a shadow of doubt, it was a race thing and your race made it that way. How stupid do you think we all are?

Further, I am here to tell you since it has been about a race thing for us all those years....your time is up. Are you affraid of dying? Do you really think things never change? Do you really think your racist ass is always going to come out on top,,,,,every time? It all goes without saying, you brought it on yourselves? Whether I say it or not, all them slavery liking folks are through. I cannot speak for anyone else, but the world has wised up to your lying hateful ass.

You cannot even stand yourselves. It's sad when a man makes himself a hero, then treats everyone else like they are shit, a whole race of people?

Just from where do white people come? Why do most of them think, someone, any one or a whole nother race is inferior to their monkey asses? How stupid, one minded, evil, lying?

So, now you tell me who is going to win?

May the best man win, win, win, every time win. Not the best man for your race, but the best man for all races?

Who's blocking?

Well, it makes my heart sing! Around what kind of people do you want to be surrounded? Who would take care of your family?

Prior to becoming the Mayor of Macon, Ellis served 20 years in the United States Army as a paratrooper, and served 2 years in Vietnam as a combat soldier in the 101st Airborne Division.

1976, as a new enlistee into the United States Army, alone with thousands of others, I was recruited by Sgt. Ellis. Yes, he was an E-5 then and I a lost teenager wanting to do something very good with my life. Sgt. Ellis was my mentor and coach. During the recruitment process, he made quite a few promises on the army's behalf, all of which came true. Now, you have it, my 23 year army career started with C. Jack Ellis. How many people can say that about their army recruiter? Do you even remember yours?

Because of the way C. Jack Ellis treated me back then, his honesty and dedication to duty, it was and still is a great honor and privilege to serve with him.

Today, his public record speaks for him, so in my mind, from that time (1976) to present Jack Ellis has been a man true to all the basic values we respect from day one and he helped me get started.

His vision is my vision. See his vision! See Jack Run, for Macon to be one of the most livable cities in America. Can You BEAT that?

be transformed by renewing of your mind, and that's what we're going to do... need I say more?



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