Is it too hard or what? Is there a need? Can you identify it?

Do you ever do any GLOBAL thinking or does your thinking just remain in the box?

CONNECTING THE DOTS has been the idea the whole time. It's amazing how some can and for the rest we spend forever "trying".

"Trying" this way, that way and in the end you're more miserable than when you started, with what kind of people are you working? Why does it take our kids so long before they begin to apply their skills? Learn faster, perform better?

You know we have some of the greatest minds in the world, but are afraid to use them? African-Americans are especially unique in that way. What exactly are African-Americans doing in the Land of Milk and HOney? Ask yourself the right questions? What kind of people is that, yet we boast? We appear big, but are empty. The external appearance of all things in this phenomenal world or material world looks real, but are unreal and insubstantial in fact.

While you're in school, others are taking your jobs.

“Change cause and effect” if we were doing our very best, which is wise, then our actions would automatically fall within the realm of great wisdom. We would be content and less likely to send our children chasing empty pipe dreams. We'd be less likely to fall victim to trickery and the evil temptations of the world - economic and social decline.

Where is your Global Thinking? ARe you waiting for someone else to do it? We "all" would be starting off with a bang, even those who can't because we would help them - true Prosperity. What's wrong witha that?


(((your inner

Make the doctrine of Emptiness work for you.

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