Calm, Cool and Collective

Or is it Cripple, Cranky and Crazy? (CCC)

Slaves did not have a gun! Native Americans did not have a rifle! Yet, all of these people faced their destiny with honor? But you, the perpetrator? You know!

Turn the whole damn picture around, not just your own ass. You said you were doing all these great things for our land and now? We are tired of watching you dance to your own music while the rest of us suffer from your lies. And no, I am not asking you, I am warning you for your own safety and security. Testing, 1,2,3, this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. Why, what is going to happen next? What goes around comes around. You know!

What should you remain when your plane is crashing down, or should you do when your parachute fails to open, or get a bullet in your back or during any emergency?

No matter how bad your injuries, remain Cool, Calm and Collective. Yes, it is your time. Do you have any last words? What do you do when YOU have to face the firing squad? Will your blind folds help? Are you going to think about Jesus, will you ask him to save your ass? Why? We talk how brave "we" are, but just take away them guns? lol Police? Have not you bought them all?

Where is that drunk speak article?

Heah, are we in this together or are you in this like your churches? Front of the boat back of the boat, but if you shoot a hole in the boat?

The Farm and shipping lines, they are what I want? Do not get that confused with drunk speak. I gon pick me out a spot.

Calm, cool and collective will win every time. Did you hear about them bear attack victims and they had a gun? Ain't we raised enough chickens? No stupid shit like you got to run to your house and get your gun. Stop DWI and Stop killing innocent folks.

People respect good leadership. Stand up and be a man, we all want and need the same shit, good leadership. Think about your own childhood, your own future, are you not responsible? more stupid see where it has gotten us.

Shipping lines and a farm that's what I want, I don already got my mule.

Cut all the bullshit and less get right down to business. Will it be by lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, electrocution..., do you have a choice? Can your money and guns save you? You know!

The next bullet, should you decide to pull the trigger will be in your own ass. Is that drunk speak?

More drunk speak?

(((your inner

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