Change and Hope

Handouts for people who refuse to help themselves? Are we all on a journey together?

Work for us or by us, which do you prefer?

Who is your opponent? Will you turn back?

One half billion dollars in negative television ads? Goals for the next four years, who’s the most specific?

Is it possible to conquer the challenges of our times? Two different paths for America, everyone doing their fair share, telling the truth for common effort and shared responsibilities – Nation building right here at home.

Our people, time and communities are our greatest assets. Inspiring other heroes, gives me hope. Their spirit defines us.

We have a choice forward or backwards, a candidate or the President. Are you far more mindful of your own feelings? Forward towards change and hope. As difficult as it is, why would I vote backwards?

Doing for yourself what others can't do...

(((your inner

My Worth

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