My Worth

Ever ask yourself the right question, but intentionally gave the wrong answer?

money, power and position, at whose services are you? What is it when you are telling the truth and everybody else is telling a lie? What do you teach your children? Cornered, trapped!!! But must you go along with the program, does that make you any better? Ever tried to get help but everyone refused?

Most measure their success, their worth in terms of finances, power and position. They want a good job and that makes everything alright.

How wrong can you be, but it is true? The others of us, all want the person making the most money, the job paying the most money… But what good is the money when you do not know how to manage it? Does our society just use money to tear you down? They pay you $100 and take back $99, the first year.

Are our priorities in the wrong place and is there a better way? Doing the same old thing, yet expecting a different result, is that insane or what? True or false?

When I look around my community, I am sadden by the gross neglect, waste, fraud and abuse. I am taken back by our inability to grow our land, property and resources, so to what good is the money going? What kind of person is the person with the most money?

Many measure their worth on power and position. But the person with the most power and the best position, do they use it to help or hurt- weapons and weapons of Mass Destruction? Who doesn’t own a gun in America, why? So to what good is the money going? A fool, his money, power and position.

What is your worth? Are you helping or hurting? Are we getting better or worse- race, gender, political, religion, character, understanding, future…

If we are in the minus in all these categories, what good is your worth? Are you contributing to the solution or the problem? Are our relationships any better, why not? Talking about hugging your child, when was the last time you hugged a Black Man, a Native American, a senior, a homeless, a sick and shut-in, …? All we are concerned about is money, power and position, so what does that make us?

It is really not just your fault, but the fault of failing capitalist system, which you continue to feed into?

Does all of this tell you, you’ve got to accept it, then why do we keep telling lies about “be the best you can be”, when we can give a shit less about your best, just your ability to make me more money? Why do we keep marrying and at the same time paying lawyers to divorce us? Why do we keep doing all this stupid shit you hear politicians, clergy, educators… talk against?

How do you know your worth when you are always being told you are less than a human being, you are constantly reminded/told you are never good enough? How do you know your worth when you are always being told what to do and when you do it, the results of which are nothing more than more confusion, chaos, violence and abuse? What is happening when you continue leading your country into economic and social decline? What’s happening when you can no longer distinguish truth from fiction? Is this false or true?

At whose services they you and you want to tell me about God -hypocrite? What happens to hypocrites? Is that true or false?

The right or ability to dominate or rule others, how does it feel to learn what you’re doing makes you not worth-a-shit? Why would you serve anyone better than you serve yourself?

To survive, we must turn around. Is this opinion or truth?

(((your inner

My worth

A simple question with a very important answer??? Is this the way

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