Charity and a "Piggy Bank"?

Just how can a piggy bank change your lifestyle overnight? How could quit smoking?

Is there anything like not knowing where to get started? Is it in the Church? Is it 10%? Is it volunteer work? Is charity free?

Charity is an investment. It's one you can't refuse? if you miss this one the others will never stand. High Yield, paying long and short term dividends, immediately redeemable, upon approval.

You talk about creating and building your own banks, do you know how to get started. Do you know about the "piggy bank"? Whose money init? Put it in a piggy bank and you'll always have money. It's open 24/7, no limits or interest. Never leave home, spending money to get your own money, from "debit/credit machine". Look at the bite out of crime.

Do you believe prices would go down, if we started living within our budgets? The more we make, the less we save, what kind of economics is that? Is it the more they know you make, the more they charge?

The more pages i write here, the more educated I become: Does that make sense to you? So how do we profit or prosper? Enter to learn, depart to share. It comes to you. Build it and they will come.

If you do not have clarity, more sooner than later, what's gon happen to you?

Your children go away from home not knowing? They are poisoned.

It's a great feeling when you live long enough to see your children start to use the wheel. The Wheel Principle", don't reinvent it, just use it. I'm just another spoke in the wheel.

Then, Your children think enough of you, to turn around, take time out and share. That's powerful.

What does your clarity look like, where does your charity start?

(((your inner

Grand Mother, where is the patry?

Tavis Smiley says, "He ain't worried about ya'll sorry asses because he's getting paid". If you ain't feeding the pig then shut the hell up. Plus he's got "Ms Maya Angelou" to back him up. I think Tavis is just spoiled as hell. His abilities in that one area has peeked. You know after awhile and doing the sos, you do run out.

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