Not to be confused

Cheetahs are unique in their speed and stealth, while lacking climbing abilities :-)

I have done it a few times, got away few, but that was an emergency, in that case, I thought I would have been dumb not to have cheated. I mean knowingly cheated. There was another time, I really didn't care and at least two times, I was caught. For some crazy reasons knowing I was thinking of cheating just scared me. It took something away. Made me on edge, restless, paranoid. Plus, I did not want to go to jail. Just never liked the idea of being locked-up or down. Surprised? Not even tied down-- sorry. No chance.

Now, some say it is alright, life cheats us, but I like the challenge of playing according to the rules. Not perfect, but the best I can. Why make the vows, swearing-in? Baptism? Oath of office, Contract...The times I have cheated there was some satisfaction in knowing that most cheat in this fashion. Why have rules, you don't know if it was intended or play, natural or man-made, phony, hypocrit? There is nothing magical about willfully cheating or being cheated? I don't know, but even the idea of cheating confuses me. Hunter, fisher, gatherer, when and where is there room for cheating each other? However, that does not face some. They get a kick out of cheating death. Scary! They welcome the opportunity to pass their dreadful disease on to you.

Boy, the first time I cheated in my marriage, how bad I felt just for a little self-gratification-sex or was it anger, self-defeat, insecurities on my behalf? When I hear of one spouse killing the other, their children and then taking their own life. All that hits me ritght in the heart. What is the number one reason why husbands cheat on their wives? Why policticians? Judges? Preachers? Presidents? Would you feel comfortable working and entertaining alongside a Cheater? What about when your turn comes to be cheated? You just might get angry. What right, what law? And you have the nerve to demand respect.

You can not fool yourself. You can try and fake it for sometime, but the facts remain. Anything or body that will cheat themselves, will cheat you.

Cheating is some evil or wicked thing

    intentionally done
to win, to take the advantage, to deceive; influence, practice fraud or deceit. They hide and wait to ambush innocent people. What innocent people?

You can cheat, but the first person you must cheat is yourself, a self-defeating undertaking. Living in fiction, for the moment or for life? You can not cheat life.

Team spirit, devotion to duty, dependable, liar, everybody does it? Then you can understand why the world is in such ill health.

Learn and heed early on. Life is too short. Like losers, cheaters never win and honorable winners win without cheating. Cheating cost you and/or those around you loss of life, severe heartache and pain. One lie leads to the next.

Every time you cheat, you knock a good chunk out of your life.

No good deed goes without being rewarded and no bad deed goes without being punished.

Those who sow evil reap evil and perish, especially in the eyes of those who struggle day to day to abstain.

When men in power cheat

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