When Men In Power Cheat

What happens

When men of power are caught cheating?

When anything or body is caught cheating?

Cheating is a very serious offense, no matter how minor the task. A cheater first disgraces self, then those around you--loss of intergrity, loyalty and committment.

Like global warming, there are the ripple and long term effects of cheating. Imagine cheating with a Nuke?

Just like any other cheater, they have compromised their own intergrity and proven themselves not honorable. They are not powerful men that caused you to believe they were powerful. Unless your definition of powerful includes cheating.

Power is a state of mind and is maintained by not cheating. Causing corruption, confusion and chaos are not signs of power.

Precious time, effort and resources are forever lost. The very things, in which, we place so much value. Intergrity and the mission is compromised. The playing field and team effort is nolonger equal.

Lost of respect, especially from men and women, who struggle day to day to be the honorable people they represent.

Morale problems and the trickle down effect. What kind of team has a cheater for a leader?

No man is above mistakes but "cheating" comes with a pretty high price tag. A man who does not want to be cheated, can not cheat anyone else, without expecting to be cheated in return, less that man be a fool. How can it be other wise?

A fool and his money would better description.

Be the man or woman you are and expect returned, nothing big nor fancy, just open and honest with yourself. Communicate and tell it like it is.

Husbands Who Cheat On their Wives

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