Children Mad With Parents!

Children Mad With Their Parents

What kind of child would get mad at his or her parents? Would that child be justified or unappreciative?

How many parents are mad with their children? Now, how many children, adult children are mad with their parents? Do you see all these children killing children in school?

How do children make more money than parents? Who's paying them?

Talking about reclaiming the village, I was listening to a very talented young lady, who explained to me how angry/mad she was with her mom, all because of the death of her father. Of all the reasons to be angry with a parent why due to the death of your father, who died of natural causes?

If our children are so smart, why aren’t they angry at our society for lying to them, instead of singling out the people who do the most for them? Why not get angry at all this unruly behavior going on in our communities and organizations?

Angry or mad children, why get mad in the first place? There are many reasons, but none worth a shit. Especially, when it comes to dealing with American children, think about something other than yourself. Do you know, realize in many other countries you are considered an adult at age twelve? In many other countries they consider your first day your best day. Do you realize to be angry at anyone you first must be angry with self - stressed?

How long do we carry this anger around? How do you help your child find more appropriate and effective ways to express anger? Isn’t anger the result of being frustrated with self? Does anger lead to inappropriate action or behavior? Parents expressing anger and teaching their children, is that the problem?

Anger, a universal emotion, but do you hate behind it? Parents bring children into the world, but are they responsible for what that child picks up along the way? Why do you take on this angry responsibility, knowing all the time you have no control over what your parents do?  Is it easy getting angry at someone you love? Anger only begets more anger?

It all starts in the home, now how do I get into the homes? How do children learn to respond in a violent manner? When angry, why not respond in a healthy way, just as you would want in return? How many reasons are there to be angry, now, how many are there to be happy?

Home is where the heart is. Maturity and wisdom is a long ways off from those who suffer anger issues? Enjoy the madness!

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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