Why must we practice discipline?

No disciple seems pleasant at that time, but...later you will reap the benefits. How much can you give? How much can you take?

Without discipline, we would not listen and we would destroy ourselves. Just like with any disorder, smoking, eating or over doing anything. Nothing constructive would ever be accomplished because we would literally keep fighting, keep eating… ourselves to death. Safety and security would be none existent. No law and order? No loyalty? No peace? No harmony? No forgiving? No remorse? No love? No limitations? No giving, only taking? Life as we know it today would not be worth living if not for discipline.

I guess the best way to define discipline is the art of behaving in such a manner that we live healthy well balance lives. That means not allowing ourselves to get out of control, setting limits, and living in peace and harmony, as much as possible; and practicing in such a way that others will want to follow. Discipline is a part of caring.

Well, you can not keep things under control, but you can do the best you can to control yourself in out of control situations and that is what we have today. This act will help deter, detect and prevent potentially violent situations from escalating. The rod! The more we practice the better we get.

If true freedom is what you seek, then self-discipline is what you must practice. Discipline only requires one person at a time and very soon we will have a very discipline society.

Discipline gives us hope and it is only through proper discipline that peace and harmony can be achieved. Discipline yourself in love.

Where does discipline start?

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