Cicadas In Georgia

cecadas in Georgia image

I am getting better at my photography.

It is Friday, 13 May 2011 and it feels like i have been seeing and hearing cecadas in the middle Georgia area for the past two months.

They are literally everywhere and their buzz fills the air. Other than that, there seems to be no change, but I know different. Nothing happens for nothing, not in nature in anypway.

They are in the food chain everywhere - water. So at the very least expect a different taste in most food. The ground is literally being fertilized with their dead bodies and other animals also eat them. They are giving us something we need for the next 13 or so years, so make sure you get your share.

In their masses, they are actually mind-blowing and a refreshing change, as such huge bugs swarm. My biological clock has been changed because it feels like it is much later in the year, summer, fall or so? It is also amazing how much noise they make, but you hear them and you don't? Along with their noise you can hear regular noises above them.

Their divine Music is incessantly going on within ourselves but our senses drown the Delicate Music which is unlike and infinitely superior to any thing we could ever perceive.

Who knew they were coming and in such great numbers? In such a short period of time how do they get the job done? Is it about love or war? When making love, do you have time for war? Is it because we figure we are going to be here for such a long time?

Making their music, who leads, who follows, who will be first and last, how do they stay in sync, where is their director, their leader?

They're periodical cicadas -- insects that have lived underground for 13 years and I have heard every 17 years they emerge. Either way, I may not be here for the next emerging. So I will not complain and enjoy this one. Thank God they are not some other more intrusive kind of insect!

They are not the annual cicadas which comes out in late summer, we call July flies. These are a special breed. Enjoy them while you got'em.

What is the sign? What are they saying? What can we do? What's next? As I am captured, bombared and inundated with them and their music, they let me know there is something here more important than me. What can happen on a massive scale just in the blink of an eye, even in USA Georgia?

If it is so simple and we are so superior, why not in humans?

Your inner

Are they good for fishing?

Neighborhood meeting Friday the 13th

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