Class warfare in America 2011


Class warfare continues to wage in America and you would be lying if you said there wasn't. Here's my proof.

And class warfare in American is perpetrated against the poor. Why prove anything? It is in an effort for peaceful change.

Are you engaged in this vicious 'class warfare'? If you do not admit or see it, yes you are just as guilty. Class warfare is what the indian and slavery wars were all about, one class of a society attacking/taking the advantage of another. They came over here to be “one” in escaping persecution, but greed got in the way and ended up persecuting themselves and “everything else.

Without America, is there no ‘Free World’? America is the last place to be considered a free world, we've got mandatory this and that, zero tolerance, forced integration, over crowed prisons, bad food...

Class warfare is an unproductive attack of one “class” of society against another.

Class warfare against what? The ‘richest Americans’ wage war against the ‘poorest Americans’. Like a "bully", the richest Americans take pleasure in manipulating the poor. When they cannot do this, they get angry and violent and exert pressure.

How is this so? Do poor people make decisions? Well, that is part of the problem; poor people ignore what’s really going on in order to participate in the evil illusion of profiting. Today, poor people do not act responsibly and do the dirty work of the rich.

The richest Americans make foolish self-serving decisions and use foolish accusations and clever tactics as a means of covering up the destructive and unproductive reality of what they are really doing. Then, they blame something that cannot be blame? How can the stock market, the economy, political parties be responsible? Any excuse to cover their asses.

Their diversion is to keep you working/satisfied with peanuts, while they go splurging on the town. They get everything free off the backs of the working poor? What happens in the dark comes to light and today is proof.

Where? Even though we live in the same house, the same country, bound by the same rules, class warfare has always kept us divided.

There is a class war of the worse kind going on in America, it’s nothing new and needs to stop. It is high time both ‘rich and poor folk’ stop acting like they are looking for someone to save them and start acting in a responsible. But if you are in “a serious state of denial” it never will happen and Class Warfare will continue to strive in America. And because of all this, there has never been a ‘Free World’ in America, just a good illusion.

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