United States wants more and more wrong stuff


How are we thinking, how do we see this achieving the disire result?

Can we agree to disagree or will we keep arguing, debating about problems rather than real, put it in effect now solutions? People need, food, water, shelter, transportation, health care in order to best survive. That's is exactly what our economy is missing.

Now how do we propose to fix that?

The United States wants more and more of the wrong stuff?

I heard one US official say that and attributed it to something or some kind of act the President was pushing. Speaking on behalf of the White House, this guy said, We want more: Policemen, more Firefighters, more Teachers, more specialty jobs.

More of the same ole same ole is what I heard him saying. He said, He believed by having more of things like these, would have a “direct impact” on the US economy. Said that, It’s a fact that if we had more of them this would significantly deter crime, put out fires, save more lives and educate our citizens.

All the time, I am thinking “Damn, God has Damned us”!

It sounds good, but??? I don’t know, but from the sixties to now, today, we’ve gotten more of the above, yet a worse result, a worse economy and a worse people. The proof is in today! And it says, The more of these we have, under our current system, the worse things are going to get. And my friends, that is just the opposite of what our government officials believe and are pushing for to help revive our economy.

Common sense says, it hasn’t worked till now, why should doing more of the SOS produce the desired result? Even though, I don’t have the solution, that screams loudly to my logic. It seems, if you put these groups of people back to work, they are going to fix our problems or will somebody get a vote?

None of that can you eat, drink nor be merry. Would putting groups like that back to work include and employ the largest portion of our economic society? Would they constructively employ the bulk of Americans, in the shortest period of time? What are poor people supposed to do While they stand in line to become firemen, policemen, teachers...?

Further, I am not sure if promoting "specialty jobs" does not promote class warfare?

What we and our economy need is “an attitudinal change", a total makeover. We need jobs “producing more and better quality products and services”. Then, it doesn’t depend or matter on your title, line of work whether your bills get paid or not: everybody can fight fires, be motivated to police ourselves-respect, teach, learn and listen. Time out for all this one-way corrupt education, "institutions of higer learning" which has yielded the idiots we have today. You can throw them on the fire with things like our religion or religious beliefs. We need good wholesome farms, factories, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS and WE NEED THEM NOW! We need a good days work for a good days pay. People NEED the neccesities of life and should not be asked to WAIT until our government gets its shit together, until we elect a President, until Congress, until debt... What’s so hard, complicated, impossible, argumentative about that?

WE need our government to give incentives for jobs that doesn't depend on "the status quo". Opportunities need to be made available to people, who get the job done, in the most effective and efficient manner, to encourage innovation and creativity. That's how you get an effective and efficient government. That's how you get a stronger economy and country. That will employ the largest group of Americans in the shortest period of time - constructively OCCUPIED.

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