Cleaning your house

So what are the tasks, conditions and standards for cleaning a house?

Do people really live in clean houses? Who decides what clean is? If that is clean, why don't our neighborhoods reflect it? Should I allow you to handle that?

Do you really know what a clean house is? The problem is not cleaning, but maintaining! Every house is unique in term of size, condition and people who live there. As a result, cleaning is baased on two main factors:

1) the size of the area to be cleaned,

2) the condition of house to be cleaned. The condition includes the degree of dirt built-up, pet hair, clutter and even your lifestyle.

Does anyone do them any more on a regular basis? When was the last time you did all these things:

  1. Clean/sanitize kitchen counters, sinks, faucets & backsplashes

  2. Clean all doors, frames, knobs, shelves and baseboards

  3. Clean Interior and Exterior of all cabinets and drawers

  4. Dust windowsills, blinds and ceiling fans

  5. Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors

  6. Clean and sanitize all bathroom fixtures, counters and tile

  7. Wash interior windows and patio doors

My mom always said, "If you keep the bathroom and kitchen clean the rest will take care of itself and she worked in the old governor's mansion for 36 years.

NOw what? What happens when you get too old?

(((your inner

Dumb Americans

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