Dumb People

Where did all the dumb people go, why?

Did they leave with our jobs? You mean we've run out of smart people? Even though we graduate thousands each year, things are just getting worse? Is that why we started mandatory education?

What happened to all the dumb people who knew something? What about the days when a spade was a spade?

Dumb AmericansWhat happen when I learn how to read and write?

Where are all the dumb people? The ones who can’t talk, where are they? How did we get things turned around? How did the dumb people make all these smart people? Remember when dumb people use to run this country? Hence, they worked together?

Reading and writing, Dumb means you can’t talk. Why is reading and writing mandatory education? How did we get that definition turned around? Before we learn to read and write, we were some smart people. We depend on skilled labor, it was the days of a man’s word being his bond.

Now, we can read and write, just look at us, our economy…

Can dumb people overthrow smart people? Can dumb people out smart dumb people? What good does it do to be smart? Smart has so many connotations, so why did we choose this one? Why is everyone so determined to be educated, to appear not to be dumb? Is that smart of what? Just what can you do with a sheet of paper? Why do we overlook or look down upon those without, isn’t that dumb?

What would happen if it was an individual responsibility to teach each other how to be smart? Are you smart when you earn a whole bunch of money? Why is lotto a curse and a blessing? How is that a blessing?

What does being illiterate mean? Are illiterates made to feel inferior? Inferior to what? Does being illiterate mean you must depend upon your own skills to survive?

What do you gain by learning to read and write, when everything promised to you is already gone? When I learned how to read and write, the definition of dumb changed from not being able to talk, to now being able to read and write.

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More wrong than right?

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