Cleansing Yourself

Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual Personal Hygiene-- three simple steps

If we want to clean our communities, states and countries, then "we" must first know how and take time out to cleanse "ourselves". Nobody can do this for you.

Being cleansed is the only way we can hear and see what is required of us--A clean heart and mind. To be rid of harmful stress.

We live in a very polluted world.

Somethings happen and they depress us. Too often we take matters into our on hands and forcefully bring about change. But I am here to tell you, time will change anything.

A clean spirit is irresistible and naturally beautiful.

Daily, we get dirty and we take a bath, put on deodorant, perfume... We keep our houses, hospitals, cars, boats, planes, trains, buses... are all kept clean. The same "we" must do for "ourselves". We expect much from the medical world, but the more they give, it seems the less we think we need to do. How many meds are you on?

Know that spiritual cleansing is the prerequisite to all other cleansing. Like germs to an open wound, failing to cleanse the spirit gives way to harmful bacteria and infection, then no matter how clean you may think your body is, your body is dead and still stinks, without a clean spirit.

Here are three simple steps to spiritual cleansing:

  1. Walk in the light. That means intergrity. Being a person of your word. Doing things you are not ashamed of. Over eating, playing rediculous games/sports. What secret? What don't show the kids?

  2. Being Accountable. Being accountable is being all that love and respect is. By your own words, your own confession, you can be depended upon to be doing what you are suppose to be doing, when and where you are suppose to be doing it. You are not hiding or sneaking off. Mind your own business.

  3. Deal with your sins right away. The moment you know is the moment you confess. You know where your closet is--Pray.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and let us enjoy a better fellowship with each other.

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