Color of Change

What color is change? This is the moment of truth for America. Can she make it? Is she forgiving? Is she ready and willing? Will she do what it takes to bring about the change that is needed.

As the campaign draws to an end and it is time to cast a vote for America's new President, I am seeing more and more McCain/Palin signs in yards.

As for me, I know and I think America knows it is time for a much needed, long overdue change. She will not survive without.

Now, of the candidates, which team is most likely to bring about this much needed change? Forget about color for now? Let your heart be your guide.

Of Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin, there is only one choice for this change, I mean real change from the good old boy network and this choice is very obvious. That is Obama/Biden, "they are the change". Now, that is the greatest opportunity for the implementation of change.

A McCain/Palin vote, not bad, but would smother the opportunity for the greatest amount of change, which is not what "the home of The Braves" need. All McCain/Palin is doing is criticizing.

America acts like she wants peace and prosperity for all, but when the opportunity is presented, look who is as confused and scared as hell. Now, to prove her righteousness, we will jump at the first opportunity for an adrenalin rush, including a war on terrorism.

Here is the next fact, really White America should vote for Obama/Biden because Obama has proven his readiness to lead America, without regard for race or color. He is leading. Black America should vote for Obama because he has excepted being black. Why would you not vote for your tribal leader? And it is our greatest opportunity to be included in the information net. Show your love, not your brains. Last but certainly not least, voting for Obama/Biden would give America an opportunity to show the rest of the world, we can take it, just as well as we can give it out, democracy and color that is.

I mean, White America, the big, bad and the ugly, has persecuted Black America for so many hundred of years and now, the first time in her short history, America has an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and that is, demonstrate "a true democracy" while "showing a little sign of remorse".

White America is so afraid and having such a cowardly moment, that she can not allow, The Most Qualified Candidate to fulfill the opportunity and position they have so diligently earned. All because of COLOR, not race, Barack is mixed. Barack/Biden is the Underdog and truly different. It took much foresight and wisdom to do what they have done. Give them credit.

Now, that is America Today. Home of what BRAVES? It should be "The home of the chickens". That is the America, for which we sacrifice, are educated, work, fight and die for. This is the true color of America. She can not handle the color of change, no matter how qualified. They will kill him first starting with words and then guns! That is the America we are living in, Today. Home of the chickens.

This Change is the beginning stages of living in a new world.

We can talk a bunch of mess, but when it comes right down to doing something, unless we can take our guns, we ain't going to do nothing.

Prove me wrong and I will be the first to admit.

Fear-Mongering Racial Divisions and Hate!

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