Confidence and joyful anticipation

How do you get it? How do you maintain it?

With God's guidance, I choose the right path. Throughout the course of our lives there are defining moments.

I am at one of those defining moments now, contemplating options that could have a dramatic impact on my future. Really, I do not have a choice, depression hurts.

Forget my dreams, all my equipment and tools I need to do my work are breaking down and I can not afford to repair them. I ask God, How am I supposed to make a living? How am I supposed to drive, get medicine? Don’t I deserve some kind of entertainment? Everyday, I anticipate tomorrow, never comes.

Do I choose the path that helps me save face in front of the status quo? Or do I choose a path that will transform me as well as my circumstances, if I stay the course? A Weak people? Save my life like you did before.

Whenever I reach a crossroads, I take matters into my own hands or I can turn to God for divine guidance. This guidance may show up in a variety of forms, but I recognize it by the way it resonates throughout my body, mind and soul. As I open my heart and listen, I understand which direction to take, and I move forward with confidence and joyful anticipation. You never know? You know it, you are just too week, too greedy, too impatient to practice what you preach. Every time I rush my destiny, I corrupt myself and everything around me.

Stay the course and help show that material things are not all that important and everything is going to be okay. That’s how you get and maintain confidence and joyful anticipation.

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