Art on connecting

I wonder what is the difference between the best orginations and the bad?

Once you connect with a good organization, you are afforded the opportunity to grow with them. They know how important you are to their growth, more so than you to them.

Even in relationship, it should be the same, however we often get it twisted. Have you ever gotten involved with someone who does not give-a-shit. They sit around talk about everything important to them and when it is all said and done, they do not give-a-shit. That same attitude will rub off on you. Just like they do not keep up with dirty dishes, they do not keep up with a dirty ass and just like they do not keep up with their own dirty asses; they will let you get dirty too.

They whine about anything good for personal hygiene and are excited about any nasty shit. What is the most important compliment someone can give to you? At least he is clean!

Fresh is always good for life.

Get involved with a good company and good company. Connecting is what matters most. Get involved and get connected in life.

(((your inner

Connect more do more

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