Conservation and Brotherhood

Dogs for cutting too many trees?

Is life a day to day struggle?

A love hate relationship? Is the gap narrowing or widening between conservation and brotherhood? What does that mean for brotherhood, what does that mean for people and resources? Will a compensation plan work, how? How can we be good stewards if our resources are dwindling? If we cannot live a balance life in nature, what are the implications of that? Is there a need for change? What about Conservationists? Does it have to be this drastic? How and why is so drastic? What are we doing with our resources?

Most folk are not starving in America, but how wasteful are we? Over the world, more than 16,000 children under the age of five will die today due to our neglect. Are we circling the drain?

I see it most often in the markets. I hear it most often in the news. How high can the prices of things go, why? How small or large is our domain? If good conservation means being good stewards then, in deeds; what are we doing? Is that any indication of the extent to which we live in peace and harmony with each other?

It is easier to measure the gap between the environment and animals, but what about the people? It is easy to give the bad news about resources but how do you give the bad news to people? What about our economic well-being?

I can surmise, based upon the connection between it all, that if our resources are dwindling, it is only a matter of time for our people. What can I expect? Where are we missing the mark or are these all lies? Who sounds the alarm and how do we respond?

At the current rate, how long can we last—future generations? What might be the effects? What can I do? Are our resources infinite? Should I personally take responsibility? Should poor conservation be a concern for me? What is happening to peace of mind?

I am just one poor person, what can I do? What happens when I tell you, you cannot kill cows any more, cut trees, pray? Why are we so divided on important issues? Will confusion and chaos be our poison?

What happens when you feel you cannot be touched by anything? What are the results of taking too much and giving too little? Am I my brother’s keeper, am I supposed to be?

Conservation versus preservation, is that the question? Why not both? Or is it "commercial greed"? Do we know when enough is enough? Without either people die if we fail to properly manage our resources. Brotherhood, Conservation and Preservation is our ability to live in peace and harmony with nature? Would that make us live in peace and harmony with each other?

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