i'M in control, everything is under control, well why do I feel so stressed out? I mean I am like a firecracker, is all it takes to piss me off.

A nice young lady told me the other day, Art you are full of shit. DAMN! See ya'll don't know the half and people tell me all about how strong my language is, isn't that a compliment?

How I'm entitled to, like everyone else, Their OPINION, then why am I so imprefect. Then, they tell you that none are perfect, meaning to excuse their fat,over-weight, cancer stricken, diabetic, ball head, wig wearing, over-educated, holy rolling. You see what I go through, well Art that's your opinion.

I mean we got it bad, the speck and the plank. I talk about people to point out something positive, i used the language, you give the meaning.

Is control also my opinion? Is it not proper, in order, the best way to live, so why don't you have it?

I was down at the bank, asked for the banker, thought you would know me and lend me 50 cent, a hald dollar. I figure there was a black man back in the back, the office part who wouldn't mind a personal loan for 50cent.

The school, i told them how determined i was to complete college, another disappointment. People think you want to USE THEM.

The doctor, will he check your credit? Remember when the doctor used to make house calls? What about not being able to go to the hospital? Having to use "the other door"-control.

Can you sit back and relax knowing you're in control and every little thing is going to be alright. Thank God for people like Harriet Ross Tubman? There are some others, but I do not know their names, can you help me out?

If your so much in control, why do you NEED helping out? Will acting like you don't get you the much needed help you need? Would ignoring all your problems get you the help...NO, they would just compound. So, if you're out there stressing, fuel pumps, housing, auto and health insurance, now you know why.

You ain't even in control of your own good mind. Can yo see that fact? You even got too much trouble doing as told? Are you any better liked people, for what are you working, by whom are you seeking approval, do you really think The Church is going to save your ass? Seriously, do you think going to the church, feeding the people, paying bills... is going to save your ass? Is it saving us now, it is all you have.

Especially an oppressed people, I wonder how do you think you're the least bit in control? If you ain't controlling nothing, absoulutely nothing, how, what are you in control of? Do you tell yourself you need a job, what you need to work on, how to follow your passions, your dreams, what if you learned the whole thing about Jesus Christ was a hoax?

Seriously, you awaken one day, blind as hell, and it revealed itself to you that Jesus Christ is a hoax, African-Americans are an oppressed people, shit just ain't right as much as it is wrong? All the sick people, we all pitched in and helped, even Raquel, Tammy and built a Humanitat for Housing. I mean, we decided the 5w's about homes, the quality of life and getting it on? Would there be a need for this HUSSLE AND BUSSLE, busting yoru nuts for nothing.

Do you think what you're actually earning anywhere near what you're worth? Now if I try to hire you.

Do you know the rules on your job, do you play by them? Is it that you just don't "give-a-damn"? REally, do you live by the bible? What if "they" won't let you? What if they denied you all the same rights and priviledges? What if you gave them? So exactly what is respect?

Is respect driving around or flying around, jumping and shouting, playing doctor and nurse, good Christian Man-Wo-man? Are we praying for our country our communities, starting nice community businesses, Preacher visiting, on foot? Did you say those days are gone, so if you don't know any better, These are better days? We're actually accomplishing more with less, we're more effective and efficient? See, it ain't even common sense?

We're so afraid, I mean nervous break-down nervous about our Property valued going down. Did you know that, is that a fact, Everywhere you live, touch, the value is going down. When start to patronize a business, lay on the beach, move in "their neighborhoods, everybody gets concerned, why is that?

YOu see what I mean my a terribly misguided people. It's okay for one, but the other 9999 thousands? Guess you're special? You know they say, the lighter you are the more accepted, by who, sorry that's how much money you have? The more money you have, the better person you are and the more your chances of going to heaven. That's why we're so eager to embrace the wealthy or is that excuese them? If I ran the jails, there would be the greatest up-rising?

When you figure out who's in control and why they're controlling you, why they're denying you, or why you're an AVerge American, struggling like hell to pay your bills; will you holla at me.

What about our people who really got it going on? Where are they? Is it I just don't run into them or are they just that few and between?

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REsponding to anybody?

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