Responding to others

People want immediate answers but are they willing to give them? How should one respond?

My first thoughts are to those who play games. How should your husband respond to you? How should you respond?

When in your favor, you want what's due to you ASAP. When not, you find excuses. Hustle and bustle, in a world of we want what we want and we want it now, it's easy to overload yourself - organization. Your body is like an auto engine, the more weight, the more strain, the hotter it runs. Why can't you keep it running smoothly, for the most effective and efficient operation?

How you respond to others creates or destroys trust. Why can't we trust anyone today? There is a difference between no, slow and negative response.

Because of inherited imperfections, we all have a tendency to be bitter, cruel and lazy; which adds to our trials and tribulations. Ignorance or procrastination raises concerns of distrust - STRESS. Evil, confusion and chaos slips in destroying relationships. But remember we need each other and we are valuable to each other, so demonstrate it, no matter one more prominent than the other.

Likely your parents are training you to meditate and pray. Is there a backlog or conflict in scheduling?

Respond eagerly and without reservation, consider it all joy and a test of your faith. Accountable, keep people updated as to your progress. And as we vigorously exert ourselves in responding, we enjoy rich and lasting blessings of peace of mind, satisfaction and contentment.

Good conduct influence people to consider what it is that motivates you to behave in such a manner. As a result observers may believe you and eventually accept the truth. The way you give it is the way it's coming back.

What happens if they respond negatively, Love is long suffering.

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