Web cookies, Tracking cookies or just Cookies

What is RR URL? It is a cookie.

A cookie is a small text file sent to a web user's computer by a website. A cookie can be used to identify that user to the website on their next visit.

Common uses include remembering login data, user preferences, and providing favorites lists.

Cookies contain information about your visitors' clicks and pathways. The 5 Pillar Program's system uses cookies to track clicks on your Referral Redirect URL (RR URL) to make sure that you get credit for a sale even if that sale occurs much later.

Here is a quick overview of the process...

When a visitor clicks your RR URL, a cookie with your unique affiliate code is written to his or her browser. If the visitor comes back to our site later and orders a product, the order form reads the cookie and identifies you as the affiliate who referred that customer.

A cookie can either have...

1) Temporary Status

2) Permanent Status

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