Permanent Cookies

Permanent Status

Certain actions result in a permanent cookie, which means that a person's cookie is permanently tied to a particular affiliate and cannot be overwritten by another affiliate.

About Permanent Cookies

A temporary cookie becomes permanent, for example, when the prospect buys a SiteSell product or joins the 5 Pillar Program. That customer/affiliate is then tied to the original referring affiliate for life. That is why that customer is called a "lifetime" customer. Any future purchases by that customer are then credited to that affiliate.

Visitors who pass through your RR URL and do the following actions create permanent cookies...

o Purchasing SBI! or another product

o Signing up as an affiliate

o Signing up for Value Exchange (

o Downloading Make Your Content PREsell! (

o Visiting

In addition to cookies, a lifetime customer can be tracked backed to their "lifetime affiliate" by credit card and personal information like address, phone number, etc. in our database. So even if a customer or affiliate clears all cookies and creates a new account, our matching algorithm will identify that person as being your referral. Or, as Ken likes to say, you need to join the witness protection program to fool our system.

Temporary Cookies


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