Art coping

Experiencing problems and being worried is a normal part of life. I strongly disagree!

How many problems would we have, if you took away those we create - money, power, marriage, work, crime? What would the problem? I know what you mean about, "everybody has problems", but when you really look at them, most are self induced.

What is the difference between coping and solving? Is either one better than the other?

Faking it till you make? You would rather live with the problem than solve the problem?

An unavoidable injury, illness or disaster is not a problem, they are life and does not hinder us from solving problems.

Do you have a choice? There are going to be accidents, trials and tribulations, but here I am defining problems as those we create.

Further, the problems we create, we fail to solve for one reason or another, so they are compounding - no money. Should not enough money ever be a problem? We justify our problems by giving an explanation which makes us feel more comfortable - whatever.

Some how we have gotten off the beaten path and we create far more problems than we solve. Call us "creatures of habit". We've got some bad habits going and they are getting worse instead of better. Everyday, we wake up, one trying to out do the other - a selfish behavior and a total victim mentality. Hence, we would rather cope than solve.

To solve problems, first we must realize them. Then ask these questions: How can I change my behavior? How to change life? How to break a bad habit? Not to be perfect, but good for the whole and humble is the way".

What kind of job related issues are we solving?

(((your inner


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